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10 juni 2020
Tillbaka till översikten

We are looking for new BETA testers for our new launch of Goava Discover in the Nordics - first out is Denmark! You want to try for free and give us some feedback on the platform? Apply here today  

First of all, what is Goava Discover?

Goava discover is a recommendation engine that helps B2B sellers with prospecting. Instead of processing a list from A to Z, Goava Discover ranks the prospects based on relevance and potential for your company.

To break it down, let's talk a little bit about Netflix. Just like Netflix recommends your next movie or series based on what you like and previously watched Goava Discover recommends your next B2B lead. Sound easy - right?

Goava Discover helps you…

  • discover new leads
  • fills your pipeline with relevant recommendations
  • save time
  • always be accurate in your outreach

What are the recommendations based on?

To be able to give you the right recommendations you need to upload some of your existing customers. Why? The recommendations are based on your customer’s company-, web-, technographic-, and recruitment data. As time goes the recommendations will get better and learn more from your use.

So how does is work?

Goava Discover analyzes your customers and investigates immense amounts of data about them. Using Goavas unique data we can find out what industries your most successful in, how much they’re growing, what web technologies they use, what roles they’ve recruited over the last year, what keywords they use on their website and about 30 other data points - in a matter of seconds. Then with all this data, we can start making recommendations on what other companies you should target - also know as your top prospects.

Goava then guides you through your sales process so that you can qualify your prospects, reach out, and finally convert them to customers.

We want your feedback!

Since we are launching a new Goava Discover we need BETA users to try the platform - for free. To get started you need to upload your existing customers (10 of them at least) and then we will give you B2B leads for free. You can apply here   We’ll review your application within an hour and then you’ll get full access to your new Goava Discover account!

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