Virksomhedsinformation for B2B-sælgere

Sælg smartere: Arbejd datastyret, og prioriter rigtigt

Bearbejd de rigtige virksomheder, følg dine kunder i realtid, lav mere effektiv research. Goavas platform anbefaler virksomheder til B2B-sælgere.

We are looking for BETA testers

We are opening up our platform for Danish company's that wants to be a part of our community. Just like Netflix recommends your next movie Goava will recommend your next B2B-lead. Apply to be the first in the Nordics with access to all new Goava Discover. Free for all BETA testers. Apply for quick access - login within one hour if approved Finger pointing down





Save time

B2B salespeople spend an average of 33% of their time on research. With Goava, they can spend more time selling instead. We collect all company data in one place for effective research.


Better hit rate

Goava’s recommendation engine helps you focus on your most likely customers. This allows you to spend time at the right company and maintain relevant and interesting dialogues with your new customers.


Increased sales

By working data-driven you can sell both smart and data-driven. You will have more time to sell and better quality of your dialogues with the target group.

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