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Target the right company, follow your customers in real-time, do effective research. Goava's platform recommends companies to B2B salespeople in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Why Goava?

We asked our customers why they choose Goava to improve their sales

Academic work logo

Academic work Sara Gilles

An excellent tool!

Goava helps me to quickly find new companies to process! It’s an excellent tool and I highly recommend it!

Wasa Kredit logo

Wasa Kredit Thomas Hagberg

The platform help me save time through faster prospecting

Highly recommend Goava as the platform is easy to use and helps me save time through faster prospecting.

Jobandtalent logo

Jobandtalent Rickard Holmgren

A very good source to quickly find information about companies

In addition to saving time by quickly finding information about companies, the platform provides a good overview and is extremely flexible and easy to use.

Quick office logo

Quick Office Therése Rosén

Decreases the time spent on prospecting

Goava is a great tool that helps me save time by quickly finding relevant companies and contacts to process.

Nordic Entertainment Group logo

Nordic Entertainment Group Mattias Mårtensson

Makes it easy to find highly relevant companies

Goava makes it easy to find highly relevant companies to process.

IT Media Group logo

IT Media Group Rasmus Asp

More high quality leads and less time spent on prospecting

It’s a fantastic tool if you want to reduce time spent on prospecting and get more high-quality leads.

Be Better Online Sandro Estivhu

Reduced the time our salespeople spend on prospecting by 57%

With Goava we have reduced the time our salespeople spend on prospecting by 57% and have increased the relevance and quality of our leads by 100%.

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Swedol AB Håkan Ferm

High-Quality leads and great support.

High-Quality leads and great support.

jobtip Janna Telianidou

A useful way to get good leads

A useful way to get good leads. I have found a great work-method in Goava and now have an easy way to find high quality leads

IVAB Linda Lavi

Easy tool to use

It’s an easy tool to use and we have received very good help from our Customer Success Manager at Goava. He helps us and encourages us to take our sales to the next level!

Adestia Jenny Bejerskog

Very good and user-friendly

Very good and user-friendly. I use Goava every single day, if I can benefit from it, others will as well!

Bixia Martin Johansson

Smooth Service

Goava is a great platform that is good if you are looking for info about potential customers and existing customers. I really like Goava!

Convini Louise Jeppsson

Awesome tool

Awesome tool! I think it is a great tool for prospecting and finding the right companies to sell to.

Upsales Fredrik Höglin

Simple interface

A simple interface and great search functions that give relevant results when looking for new leads using “Goava Discover”.

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