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Target the right company, follow your customers in real-time, do effective research. Goava's platform recommends companies to B2B salespeople in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.



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How did you work before implementing Goava?

Our way of working was very similar to "the old traditional way". Find a prospect> find information> contact> book a meeting> conduct the meeting> contract discussion> sign or not. We just called companies at "random" and chance. The structure for finding businesses similar to our customers has been difficult before Goava.

Tell me more about your sales organization

We are a small company with a total of 10 employees. Together with my CEO I am responsible for most of the customer relationships and customer activities. This means that we need good services and tools to facilitate our everyday lives and optimize sales hours in the best possible way. Receiving news and information concerning our existing customers also increases relationships with them, which helps us increase reference sales.

How do you use Goava?

At Refero we use it to find out which companies are good fits for us, so that we spend time on the right prospects. We use Goava to be able to know which companies that are similar to our existing customers. Spending time on the right business is very important to us as a small organization as we work towards large private companies in the public sector.

Mention an advantage?

We have become more efficient in booking meetings as we can quickly dive into the reference or "why". We can contact the prospect with the ambition to book a meeting due to financial reasons, similar customers, or finding a reason-to-speak in Goava. I would say that we book 50% more meetings thanks to Goava. We close businesses faster and a little easier as our business and service are complex, we have fewer potential customers than many other businesses.

What's your general opinion?

Goava impresses me! In the relatively short period that we have been a customer, Goava has created a mobile app that allows me to easily receive notifications when things happen and read news about both my customers and our prospects "on the go". They have also created Goava Discover which proposes potential customers. it's genius!

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