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Roi after just four months


Increased acitivity

How did you work before implementing Goava?

We had a difficult time knowing who to call and what to say. I worked more with "old-school" sales, called companies I found when I went between different meetings.

As a new salesperson, it is a difficult way to work. Olle, therefore, had a hard time finding new companies.

Now he gets the chance to make more calls and has a relevant insight to use. Also Goava provides a lot of other information we need, the advantage is that all information is gathered on the same platform.

How do you work with Goava?

I use the function "what do they say on their website" a lot. Then we also segment using Goava. Besides that, I regularly make lists of companies with headquarter in Stockholm.

What's the biggest difference, before and after Goava?

Goava is very user-friendly, we love to the interface, especially the news feed. It is very easy to go through your email in the morning and read about what happened to the companies I follow. It gives me a good reason to speak when I call potential clients.

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