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Sell smarter: Be data driven and make the right priority

Target the right company, follow your customers in real-time, do effective research. Goava's platform recommends companies to B2B salespeople in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.



Saved time


More meetings

How do you work with Goava?

Because we offer website subscriptions, it is very effective for us that you crawl web technologies. We save a lot of time focusing on companies that need us. We have just installed a dialing system that has increased our efficiency in combination with Goava.

What do you think is the biggest advantage of a platform like Goava?

We have the time to find more companies than before. We gone from processing a low number of companies to a high number. It's easy to create new lists and start editing them right away.

What is your general opinion?

We think Goava is great, and still, we could use Goava more!

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