Goava Enrich documentation

Documentation regarding our free app Goava Enrich. Why to use it, how to get started and how it works.

With Goava Enrich, we'll supercharge your CRM with reliable company data that you can trust.

Using Goava's complete Sales Intelligence database of all Nordic companies we can match your Pipedrive Organizations to actual companies and enrich your data without you having to spend time on researching and manual data entry.

While we'll take care of all the data collection and entry you can spend more time closing deals and talking to customers.

You'll get all of these data points for free:

  • Company name

  • URL

  • Revenue

  • Number of employees

  • Financial result

  • Industry

  • Company description

  • Date founded

  • Address

  • Phone (Switchboard)

Getting started

1. Install the app

2. Login or create a Goava Enrich account

3. Map your CRM data to Goava data to enable better company matching.

4. Start using Goava Enrich!

How it works

Based on the organization data in your CRM we'll use our Smart Company Match to match it to an actual company and show insightful company data from our database in the app panel in your CRM.

If our matching isn't correct you can click "Incorrect match? Find the right company" to open up the search page where you can search any company in the Nordics and select the right match for your organization.


Looking to go Premium and import this data and much more to your CRM fields? Learn more about the premium data here.

If you like Goava Enrich, be sure to check out our prospecting platform Goava Discover too.

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