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Goava Discover – a smart prospecting tool for B2B sales 

Your next business opportunity – at your fingertips. Goava tells you which company to talk to, whom to talk to and what to talk about

Find Your Best Leads with AI Recommendations

BGoava Discover uses advanced AI to analyze your customers and companies in your CRM, helping you identify the best types of companies to target.

Factors like industry, size, growth, number of employees, profitability, web technologies, roles they're hiring for, and keywords from their websites are all considered. This helps recommend the companies you and your sales team should focus on.

The companies are then ranked by the best matches to target right now. Recommendations are personalized, varying by the types of companies each person works with or converts to customers. Pretty cool, right?!

Recommendation engine


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Smart filters

Maybe you're interested in knowing what web technologies a company uses or which companies are currently recruiting? That and many more filters Goava will help you find!


Segments makes it easier for you as a sales manager to guide your team. By creating segments and campaigns, you make sure that your team is targeting your ideal customer profile. 


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Boost Teamwork Between Sales and Marketing

Our add-on service, Goava Engage, focuses on contacts, supports your B2B marketing team, and makes collaboration between marketing and sales a breeze. With Goava Engage, you ensure that both marketing and sales are on the same page and targeting the right audience.


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With our add-on service, Goava Engage, you get access to:



Smarter Prospecting with Contact Export

Boost your prospecting and become five times more efficient. Once you've identified the most relevant companies, your CRM automatically fills with the right contacts. You choose the decision-makers you want to reach, and they are exported directly – saving time and


More LinkedIn Contacts

Increase your chances of reaching potential customers. Goava Engage gives you quick access to LinkedIn contacts for about 75% of the companies in our database. One click, and you can reach relevant contacts on LinkedIn. When you review a company in Goava, you get immediate access to their key personnel – perfect for strengthening your sales efforts and network.


Easier Contact Lists

Save time and simplify the process of sending email addresses to your marketing team. Create new segments or use existing ones, add specific contact filters, and export the list. Your team can focus on reaching the right people.


Hyper-Targeted LinkedIn Campaigns

Maximize your campaigns by reaching the most potential customers with targeted ads on LinkedIn. Imagine your customers seeing an ad before your sales team even makes contact. Sync marketing and sales efforts for more effective work and better results.

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In just a few seconds, you can create segments and export a ready-to-upload file for LinkedIn. Try it out below and see how quickly you can target your campaigns and reach your most potential customers! 👇👇




Reach the full potential of your CRM

Having a CRM without a Sales Intelligence solution is like driving without a map. The companies in the CRM pile up with duplicates, incorrect data and it becomes generally messy as a result. You can not work the way you want and sales suffer when you do not know which company to prioritize and select companies at random.

With Goava integrated with your CRM, you ensure that you get correct and updated data. Goava advises not only which new companies you should contact, but also which companies that are already in the CRM that you should prioritize. Goava enriches the customer cards in your CRM so you can do fast and efficient research.

With our app Goava Ping, you can stay up to date on what's happening with your customers and prospects directly on your phone.


Our integrations


News coverage

Today's customers and prospects expect you to be proactive in your contacts, but keeping track of what is happening among every single company is both difficult and time-consuming. Goava helps you keep track of what is being written about companies and keeps you updated when important events occur. You can also create news tags depending on what you are interested in keeping up to date with.

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Target Group Analysis

With Goava you can easily focus on processing companies instead of trying to find the right ones. Based on your customers and companies in your CRM, Goava maps out your total market and your ideal customer profile. Therefore, with Goava, you can concentrate on selling rather than spending time trying to find the right companies. 

Goava provides a simple overview for sales management to be able to see how well you have processed a given segment. How large a share are customers and what's in your CRM. Then, it can be easily processed by you. Also, you'll be able to see how many companies in the segment your sales reps have proccessed.


Analytics & TAM

Frequently asked questions

What are the notice periods on your contracts?

We have a 60-day notice period and the agreements run quarterly or annually.

What does support look like?

We have free onboarding for all our new customers, it takes place either at your place or via the web. We offer ongoing support daily.

What type of data is in the platform?

Goava's platform consists of a company database and open and public data.

What markets are you in?

We are located in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Contact us via the chat for specific requests regarding your market.

What makes Goava different from a CRM?

Goava is a Sales Intelligence platform that strengthens and complements CRM systems. The platform gives you real-time data about companies and information about when new business opportunities arise and helps you keep your CRM updated and clean.

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