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Sell smarter: Be data driven and make the right priority

Target the right company, follow your customers in real-time, do effective research. Goava's platform recommends companies to B2B salespeople.

Goava: your recommendation engine

Your next business opportunity – at your fingertips. Goava tells you which company to talk to, whom to talk to, and what to talk about. That all sounds great, right? Here’s how it works.


Filter our companies processed by others

In Goava, you can easily prioritize the right company by excluding customers and companies already in your CRM. In addition, you can create lists based on your dream customers and have them filtered by relevance.

Be up to date

Never miss a business opportunity again. With Goava you follow companies you are interested in. Start the day by scrolling through your home stream. Like on LinkedIn, we show you all new events that have happened since you last checked in. Share the events with a colleague or act directly on triggers indicating that your prospect is buying redo.

All information in one place

We combine the power of open and public data with company data. You find everything from deep financial data to social media. If you find contact information on the companies website you can also find them in Goava. In addition, we list web technologies, the latest news and other reason-to-speak, save time by working in one tool no more.

Goava works with your CRM

We think our webb app is pretty great, but we get it, some companies prefer to have everything working together in harmony.

That’s why we built integrations with the most popular CRM-tools. We have built integrations with Salesforce, Upsales, Dynamics, Pipedrive and are working on a few more.

Want to see how?

If you are interested in how Goava works with your CRM, enter your email and we'll show you.




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