Your B2B platform for real-time sales

Connect the power of a company database with open and public data to focus on the right sales process at the right time.

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Save time

Goava recommends companies and collects information about them on one platform. Result? you don’t have to look for companies and information about them.



Better hit rate

Find your most likely customers and act when the timing is right with the help of data-driven triggers.

Increased sales

Use your precious sales time to initiate the right processes with the right company and the right message to boost your sales.

Self-driving prospecting

Goava recommends new leads for you based on your ideal customer profile, your current customers and hundreds of other data points. With our complete database of 1.8m+ Swedish organizations you can find your best prospects using our filters based on revenue, industry, number of employees, growth, keywords on their website and web technologies they use, to name a few.

Stay in the Know

We monitor the web so that we can tell you when something interesting happens with your leads and customers. And the best part is that Goava filters out all the noise with intelligent algorithms, so you will just get the insights that matters to you.

360º dashboards

With Goava’s 360º dashboard it has never been easier to explore and research a company. We’ve collected all data about every company in one place so you won’t have to spend time looking at multiple websites and open even more tabs in your browser.

Digital media monitoring

Digital media monitoring made simple. You can follow the latest industry news and trends, news regarding an event or set up your own topics that you want to follow. We monitor tens of thousands of digital sources daily to keep you up to date. Get enlightened using Goava’s Topics and become an expert in your field.

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