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Discover the potential in your best leads with Goava

Find your best leads with AI recommendations, get all corporate research in one place, and enrich your CRM with reliable data - all on the same platform


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AI-driven prospecting
Get the best leads for you

Ah, lists, lists, lists... They have been our faithful companions in the business world since time immemorial. But let's be honest – flipping through endless rows of company names arranged from A to Z... it's hardly the quickest or most fun way to find the gems, right?

By diving deep into your current customers and prospects in your CRM, Goava ranks the hottest leads just for you. These personal tips match your unique sales profile, maximizing relevance and efficiency. So forget lists and focus on smashing sales targets with the most promising companies. 

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Always up-to-date data in your CRM

Boosta ditt CRM med Goava Enrich

Diving deep into company research and double-checking that every little data entry in your CRM is accurate is not only time-consuming – it's a full-time job in itself. With Goava Enrich, this task is transformed from an eternal struggle to a smooth process. Imagine always having access to updated, verified, and richly detailed information right where you need it: in your CRM. The result? More time for you to focus on what really matters, whether it's refining your sales strategy, building customer relationships, or just taking a well-deserved break.





“Goava has truly been key to keeping our CRM up to date. Today, we use Goava to identify new relevant segments, and we know that the information on all companies in HubSpot is up to date.“ 


Adam Neero Adam Nero,
Heads of Sales Fieldly


Business research that opens new doors

Explore opportunities and understand your prospects

In a world where information is the key to success, Goava takes your knowledge of potential customers to a new level. For those who want to dive deeper and truly understand what drives your prospects, Goava offers a treasure trove of data and insights. From financial information to the latest news and contact details, Goava lets you create a comprehensive picture of your potential customers.

With Goava, business research becomes not just easier – it becomes a strategic advantage that can elevate your business relationships and outcomes to new heights.



Company Reserach Goava
Monitor your business opportunities smarter

Stay fully informed about what's happening with your customers and prospects

Keeping constantly updated on the latest moves of customers and prospects is a challenge. It takes time to monitor news, job advertisements, and so on, to catch important signals.

Goava simplifies this process by gathering all relevant information in one place. With our solution, you get a complete overview that allows you to act proactively and tailor your sales strategies with precision. No more manual searching – with Goava, you get the insight you need to stay one step ahead.

News and Recruitment (1)
”We notice that we get good and positive responses from customers when we are proactive with the help of Goava. Sometimes, we even find out about changes through Goava before the customers know about them themselves...” 
Douglas BjerleusK3 Travel




Douglas Bjerleus,
Head of Sales at K3 Travel


Analysis that delivers results

Insights that drive sales

Zoom in directly on the most promising companies. By analyzing data from your customers and prospects in the CRM, Goava creates a clear picture of your total market and defines your ideal customer profile.

This tool gives sales management a crystal-clear overview of how well different segments have been worked on – from what proportion are already customers to how actively your team engages with the potential customer database. With Goava, you can more easily focus on processing the companies instead of trying to find the right ones.

This means that all you need to do is get started with using it, we'll take care of the rest!


Analytics & TAM
Customized segments for accurate results

Focus your efforts and hit the mark with Goava

With Goava by your side, it becomes easier than ever for you as a sales leader to create customized segments and guide your team towards the most promising companies.

And you, working in marketing, can breathe easy. Goava helps you hit the mark with your campaigns by targeting the most relevant segments.


Smart Filter & Segments



What are the notice periods on your contracts?

We have a 60-day notice period.


What does support look like?

We have free onboarding for all our new customers, it takes place either at your place or via the web. We offer ongoing support daily.

What type of data is in the platform?

Goava's platform consists of a company database and open and public data. 

What markets are you in?

We provide data in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Contact us via the chat for specific requests regarding your market.

What makes Goava different from a CRM?

Goava is a Sales Intelligence platform that strengthens and complements CRM systems. The platform gives you real-time data about companies and information about when new business opportunities arise and helps you keep your CRM updated and clean.

How much does Goava cost?

It varies a bit depending on your needs. Here you can find all our prices.

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