Company information for B2B sales

Sell smarter: Be data-driven and make the right priority

Target the right company, follow your customers in real-time, do effective research. Goava's Sales Intelligence platform recommends companies to B2B salespeople in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.


Save time

B2B salespeople spend an average of 33% of their time on research. With Goava, they can spend more time selling instead. We collect all company data in one place for effective research.


Better hit rate

Goava’s recommendation engine helps you focus on your most likely customers. This allows you to spend your time on the right company and maintain relevant and interesting dialogues with your new customers.


Increased sales

By working data-driven you can sell both smart and data-driven. You will have more time to sell and better quality of your dialogues with the target group.


Find companies

Goava’s Sales Intelligence platform recommends which companies you and the entire sales team should process next. Instead of wasting time finding interesting companies, Goava helps you prioritize. Our algorithm is based on which companies you manage to convert to customers and become smarter and smarter the more you use Goava.



Follow companies

Today’s customers and prospects expect you to be responsive and proactive in your contacts. But keeping track of what’s happening among all companies is both difficult and time-consuming. Goava monitors what is written about all of Sweden’s companies so that you will be notified when important events occur.



Explore companies

To be properly read and relevant in your sales dialogues, you need to do research on the web, in company databases, social media and various news sources, among other things. Research that takes time. With Goava you get all relevant company data in one place; on your phone, computer, or in the CRM. You will read and become more relevant in the dialogue.



Customer centric

When we say that we put the customer at the center, we mean seriously. We are passionate about helping B2B salespeople work smarter and more efficiently. Goava’s tools can be customized to work with your particular way of working and with most CRMs. We spend a lot of time onboarding new customers to make sure everything is glowing. And then we are awesome at support!


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