Enento Group continues to invest in Goava

10 May 2022
Tillbaka till översikten

Enento Group announced on 24 June 2021 that it has signed an agreement to acquire part of and become the largest shareholder of the Swedish sales intelligence services company Goava Sales Intelligence AB by subscribing to new preference shares in the company.

Within the agreement, Enento in the first stage on 24 June 2021 acquired a 38,3 % shareholding in the company. The subscription price of the preference shares was approximately SEK 38,4 million.
The investment in Goava is a strategic decision to strengthen our offering within B2B sales and marketing solutions. Goava’s business has developed according to the business plan and the set prerequisites for the next investment. The next phase in the business plan is to scale up the sales organisation in the Nordics and to continue to develop the existing offerings. Based on that Enento has today decided on an additional investment of SEK 19,2 million to reach a 44,1 % shareholding of Goava. The plan is to acquire all outstanding shares during 2025 if Goava business develops according to the set targets.

The investment accelerates our presence in the Nordic market in the emerging and fast-growing sales intelligence domain. Companies in the Nordics and wider are heavily investing in CRM platforms, and Sales intelligence service offering is a means to increase the return on those investments by highly adding value to the CRM data utilisation by connecting companies’ internal data on its clients to external information to provide intelligence and insights to boost B2B sales and client interactions.

“Sales intelligence is an emerging offering category within business information, and it is a core offering ingredient of becoming the leading provider of business information in the Nordics. Since the first investment we have truly seen the value for our customers as well as the strong synergy effects combined with our existing portfolio. Looking forward to continue the journey together and further ramp up the sales organisation throughout the Nordics”, says Siri Hane, Enento Group’s Director of Business Insight Business Area.

“We are delighted with the announcement of Enento’s additional investment in Goava. This means that our cooperation and partnership will become closer, and that our B2B customers will be able to benefit even more from the joint power of our and Enento’s Sales intelligence offerings. The combination of sales intelligence and CRM solutions is set to become standard best practice in B2B sales and marketing, and together with Enento we aim to create and deliver value to companies all across the Nordics”, says Jonas Ehne, CEO and co-founder of Goava Sales Intelligence AB.


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About Goava

Goava Sales Intelligence AB, with it’s headquartered in Stockholm, was founded in 2016 and has today around 30 employees. Goava's service offering Sales Intelligence aims to improve sales efficiency by giving B2B salespeople more time to focus on selling to the right company. The services link the customer's own intelligence on its customer base from its CRM to the open and public information as well as structured official data about each company in the market to create insights. Today that company has more than 140 customers, mainly in the Swedish market.


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