Richard Sundman takes on the role of Country Manager in Finland

16 February 2022
Tillbaka till översikten

With Richard Sundman onboard as Country Manager and Asiakastieto as both partner and data supplier, Goava is now ready to launch its Sales Intelligence-platform on the Finnish market. Richard has been working in B2B sales for eight years and the last four in two different Finnish SaaS-startups.

- We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and we believe that there is great potential in our setup. The Finnish market is one of the most evolved when it comes to Sales Intelligence and we look forward to bringing our services to Finnish B2B customers, says Jonas Ehne, CEO & founder at Goava.

Richard Sundman Goava FinlandRichard has been working in B2B sales for eight years, the last four in two different Finnish SaaS-startups. His last role prior to starting at Goava was Head of Sales, which included everything from customer acquisition to administrative tasks and process development.

- I’m super excited about this journey and I’m looking forward to expanding Goava’s operations to Finland. If you’re interested in being a part of a success story, are into sales, customer success, or marketing, and are open to new opportunities, let me know, says Richard Sundman, Country Manager at Goava.

When Richard has some time off he likes to be active outdoors, seeing the world both above and below sea level, having long and deep discussions, drinking Champagne and eating hot food. Variation is the key.

About Goava:
Goava is a Sales Intelligence Platform that helps B2B salespeople by telling them about their next business opportunity - what company to contact, what to talk about, and whom to talk to.

Goava works both as a prospecting tool that recommends companies to contact and an insight tool that provides data about both prospects and customers.

Ideally, we integrate with your CRM system so that you'll get good data about the companies in it.

And just like Netflix or Spotify - the more you use it the better it gets!

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