Get started quickly and easily with Goava

Our Customer Success team will guide you through the entire onboarding process, so you and your team can get started as smoothly and quickly as possible.

During the onboarding, we will, among other things, ensure that integrations are set up and that each user receives a solid education in the platform to be able to meet the requirements and goals you have.

Onboarding process Goava

Preboarding (30 min)

The agreement has been signed and it is now time to start using Goava!

The first step is that you, as a decision maker, are assigned a Customer Success Manager who books a preboarding with you.

It is during preboarding that you, together with your Customer Success Manager, set out a clear plan. We will discuss expectations, purpose and together set the goals that will form the basis of a successful and long-term work in Goava.

1. Preboarding  Goava

Onboarding (45 min)

Now the plan is set and it's time for training!

Together with your Customer Success Manager, you have during the preboarding set a date for training with everyone who will use the platform.

During the training, the goal is to give each user a solid and stable foundation to stand on when you now start working in Goava.

Each review is tailored and developed to match the needs, expectations and goals that emerged during previous preboarding.

Onboarding Goava

Check-in (after about3 veckor)

For us, it is important that you and your entire team feel safe with the use of Goava and that you really get what you want from the platform.

Therefore, we always book a follow-up to answer any question marks that arise during your first weeks.

This is also an opportunity to dive even deeper into Goava's functionality.

3 Check-in Goava

Business review (quarterly)

Our goal is for you to succeed with your goals.

Therefore, during each quarter we have a business review where we together with you go through how the usage has been and how you pace towards the goals that you together with your Customer Success Manager set together.
4 Business Review Goava

Support (on going)

Throughout the journey as customers, we are here for you.

In addition to your Customer Success Manager, there is always access to support via chat, email and phone.

5. Support Goava


Meet your Customer Succes team


Tove Augustsson
Chief Customer Manager 

+46 730 33 41 49

Daniel Segerström
Head of Customer Success 

+46 733 38 38 58


Catarina Clöwe
Senior Customer Success Manager

+46 704 58 02 22