Boost Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing with Goava

3 April 2024
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Our new add-on, Goava Engage, is here to make life easier for everyone in sales and marketing. Goava Engage not only provides more contact information and automatic contact exports, but also smart lists for email campaigns and more targeted audiences for your LinkedIn campaigns. It’s all about making sales and marketing work better together and ensuring you’re hitting the same targets.

Engage - hero image 3With Goava Engage, you get:
🎯 Smart contact export to identify and export decision-makers to your CRM
🔍 LinkedIn contacts for around 75% of the companies you search for in Goava
📧 Export contact lists to create engaging email campaigns
💼 Export LinkedIn Matched Audiences for super-targeted LinkedIn ads

Smart Contact Export

Goava's smart contact export feature makes prospecting five times more efficient. Once you've found the companies that suit you best, Goava will enrich your CRM with the contacts you need. Choose which decision-makers you're interested in, and they’ll be automatically exported to your CRM when you qualify a company.

Try it out in our interactive demo below👇

More LinkedIn Contacts

Get access to LinkedIn contacts at around 75% of all companies in Goava and explore your potential customers on LinkedIn with a click. When you view a company in Goava, we quickly search for LinkedIn contacts and show them under the People tab.

Engage - LinkedIn contacts (1)

Export Contact Lists

Need to export a list of email addresses to your marketing team? No problem! With Goava Engage, you can create a new segment using data-driven insights or use one of your existing segments and add a contact filter for the types of contacts you want to reach. Then just export.

Export LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Want to create super-targeted campaigns on LinkedIn to make sure you reach your best potential customers? Your marketing team should use Goava. Imagine if all your potential customers had seen an ad for your product/service before your sales team contacted them. This can happen if you sync your marketing and sales efforts and target the same segment that the sales team focuses on with LinkedIn ads.

Create segments in seconds and export a ready-made file for upload to LinkedIn. Try it out below in our interactive demo 👇

Benefits of Goava Engage:

  • Be 5x more efficient in your prospecting with automatic contact exports to your CRM
  • Make collaboration between the sales and marketing team easier by engaging your prospects via LinkedIn campaigns before the sales team contacts them
  • Find more contact information in Goava with LinkedIn contacts for around 75% of all companies
  • Export contact lists with emails and phone numbers to create engaging email campaigns and communicate with your prospects on a larger scale

How do I get access to Goava Engage?
Goava Engage is a premium add-on starting at 100 EURO/month. Check out all our prices here.

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