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Reach the full potential of your CRM with Goava 

Enrich your CRM with valuable business data from Enento Group (UC, Allabolag, Proff and Asiakastieto) through Goava's integration. By integrating your CRM  with Goava, you avoid duplicates, get updated data, and access to insights about all the Nordic companies. You will become more relevant in the sales dialogue and can work more efficiently.

Get a seamless flow - from prospect to customer

Integrate your CRM with Goava and get a seamless flow - all the way from prospect to customer. No more manually importing lists, no more leads that do not match your customer profile. Thanks to Goava's AI-powered recommendation engine, you will be recommended which companies you should process and get the companies into the CRM without effort.

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Save time with reliable data

With Goava you do not have to handle duplicates with missing data, you do not have to chase organization numbers for company cards, you do not have to double-check if your data is correct. Goava helps you work efficiently with actual sales.

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Become more relevant by being well-read and having the right timing

Increase your chances of reaching through the noise with unique data about your prospects and customers. It helps you find the right timing and be more relevant in your dialogues.

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Goava integrates with your sales and marketing platforms:



Frequently asked questions

What does your support look like?

We have free onboarding for all our new customers, either at your office or on the web. And we also offer ongoing support daily.

What markets are you in?

We are currently in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Please contact us via chat for specific requests regarding your market.

Which CRM can I integrate Goava with?

Currently, you can integrate Goava with most CRMs such as Upsales, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

What sets Goava apart from a CRM?

Goava is a digital sales tool that enhances and complements CRM systems. Goava gives you real-time data on companies and information on when new business opportunities arise. Goava helps you keep your CRM updated and clean.

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