Goava Enrich - get updated data directly in your CRM for free

Save time on business research, make better decisions based on data and spend less time on data entry with our CRM app Goava Enrich. Available for Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce.


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Save time on business research

Doing research about companies and ensuring that the information is correct in your CRM can take a lot of time. With Goava Enrich, you always get updated and correct information, so that you have time for other things.

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Better decisions based on data

Having updated and correct data makes it easier to work more data-driven and make decisions based on data, rather than gut feeling. You also do not have to spend time going to other sources to find information about the companies in your CRM, and can instead focus more on the sales themselves.


Spend less time on data entry in your CRM

Do not spend time manually updating your CRM with data. Our CRM app Goava Enrich solves it for you automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

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How does it work?

Based on the company data (company name, URL, address, telephone number, organization number) in your CRM, we automatically match it to an actual company. When the matching is done, we will always show updated company information about the company in your CRM.

If our Smart Company Match does not find the right company for you, you can use the search function to do the matching yourself.


Enrich Premium for your CRM

Looking to populate your own data fields and keeping them updated? Then you want Enrich Premium.

With Enrich Premium, you'll get bulk updates for all your accounts with up-to-date data in your own CRM fields to use for building workflows, filtering, and analytics in your CRM.

You'll receive daily updates to ensure your data never falls behind reality. If a company changes its address, releases a new financial report, or changes its website - it will reflect in your CRM the same day.

  • Bulk update all your accounts in your CRM

  • Automatic daily updates of your accounts

  • Enrich accounts with a single click of the button

The pricing is based on the number of accounts and CRM users you have. Contact us for a demo and a quote.

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Goava Enrich for your CRM

Click on your CRM below to install the app and create an account. Goava Enrich is currently available for Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce.


Common Questions

How much does Goava Enrich cost?

Goava Enrich is free for all users.


How do I get started?

Install the app in your CRM, create your account and map your data. You're up and running in under 2 minutes.

What are the differences between Goava Enrich and Goava Discover?

Goava Enrich enriches your CRM by displaying data on companies already in your CRM while Discover helps you with much more such as finding new prospects, exploring companies and monitoring your customers.

Which markets does Goava Enrich cover?

With Goava Enrich, you get access to company data from all over the Nordic region, in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

What data can I access with Goava Enrich?

  • Company name
  • URL

  • Revenue

  • Number of employees

  • Results

  • Industry

  • Company description

  • Registration date

  • Address

  • Switch number

All data is displayed in a Goava Panel in your CRM and will therefore not be entered in your company fields in CRM.

Is there any notice period on Goava Enrich?

No. Goava Enrich is free and can be terminated at any time.