Goava Explore - helps you to be well-read and relevant


Goava Explore helps you keep track of what's happening with your customers and prospects. All the information gathered in one place, so that you stay relevant in your customer dialogues.


With insights from AI

Goava's AI-powered engine collects and analyzes all open and public data about Nordic companies. Everything from financial data to news, social media and contact information and companies website technologies. They are compiled in dashboards that provide 360 ​​views of companies.

Goava's AI engine assigns companies a Goava Score that shows how relevant they are to you. The analysis is based on your customers where our AI engine discovers the common denominators among them, both based on numerical data and text-based data. Goava discovers the common thread!

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Stay up to date on relevant customer info

It can be both time consuming and difficult to stay up to date on what is happening with customers and prospects. As a salesperson, you need to keep track of everything from what they communicate in social media and press releases, to the latest news and what job advertisements they have out there. Goava Explore makes sure you keep track of your customers and prospects by gathering all the information in one place.

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Enrich your CRM with 24/7 updated relevant information information

Get more out of your CRM with Goava's dashboards directly on the customer card. Without even leaving the CRM, you can do your research before customer meetings. Thanks to Goava's integrations, you also get a better quality of data in the CRM. You no longer have to worry about duplicates with missing data, look for organization numbers for company cards or doubt that the information is up to date.


Some of our integrations

Insights always close at hand

We want salespeople to always have insights close at hand, which is why we have developed various interfaces adapted to the modern salesperson. With Goava you can get insights directly in your CRM, in your mobile or in your browser!



Frequently asked questions

What are the notice periods on your contracts?

We have a 30-day notice period and the agreements run quarterly or annually.


What does support look like?

We have free onboarding for all our new customers, it takes place either at your place or via the web. We offer ongoing support daily.

What markets are you in?

We are located in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Contact us via the chat for specific requests regarding your market.

What makes Goava different from a CRM?

Goava is a Sales Intelligence platform that strengthens and complements CRM systems. The platform gives you real-time data about companies and information about when new business opportunities arise and helps you keep your CRM updated and clean.

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