Goava Ping

Goava Ping - for a more efficient workday

Stay up to date with existing and potential customers, save time and act quickly when you hear about a business opportunity with our mobile app Goava Ping.

Save and work smarter

Do research before meetings, find new companies, and stay up to date with your customers, partners, or prospects. Imagine the following scenario:

  • You hear about an exciting company – Look it up in Goava Ping and if it is interesting -  you send it directly to your CRM

  • On the way to a meeting – Do your research about the company directly in the app

  • Something new just happened to your customer/prospect/partner -  Get a push notice from Goava Ping (and a Reason-To-Speak!)
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Frequently asked questions

Is the app for free?

To access Goava Ping, you need to have an account on Goava Discover.

What CRM can I sync the app to?

We currently integrate with Upsales, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Lime, Salesforce, SuperOffice, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zapier.

What languages ​​can I choose in the app?

Today you can choose between Swedish or English.

If we are active in several countries, can I search for these in the app?

Of course, but it depends on which countries - we currently collect data from Denmark, Finland Sweden and Norway.

Where can I find the app?

You can currently download our mobile app Goava Ping in the App Store or Google Play Store, just search for "Goava Ping".


How do I sign in to the app?

You log in to the app with the same user information as you have in Goava Discover.

Would you like to get a guided tour of the tool?