Correct and updated data on Nordic companies

Based on Enento Group's market-leading company data, Goava collects all open and public data about the Nordic companies and makes it accessible to our customers. The most comprehensive Nordic Sales Intelligence Tool!

Where does Goavas data come from?

In short - our platform consists partly of a public company database and partly of other company related data that is of relevance to b2b sales. Data collection takes place by scanning huge amounts of data sources, for example from company websites, social media, news, financial data and more.

Do you cover all the Nordic companies?

We have a collaboration with local suppliers of business registers and today collect data from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.


Frequently asked questions

Which companies in Sweden have Klarna Checkout on their website?

With Goava Discover you can find companies that have different payment providers such as Klarna, Adyen, Paypal or Stripe.


Can you see what CMS a company uses for their webpage?

Yes, through Goava Discover you can easily search for companies using Wordpress, Hubspot, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal and other web publishing tools.

I want to find Swedish companies with a Finnish website, can you help me with that?

Yes, with Goava you can easily search for the languages ​​of companies' websites.

Can you see if the company uses Google Ads?

Yes, you can easily see what type of ads companies use, for example on Google, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

I want to find companies that recruit, how do I do that?

With Goava Discover, you can get suggestions for companies that recruit specific roles.

Can I see which companies have, for example, Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify on their website?

Yes, with Goava you can easily search for companies that have a webshop on their website.

Can you see if the company has a specific mail server?

Yes, with Goava you can see if a company has for example Gmail or Microsoft Exchange.

Is it possible to monitor my customers so that I get updates if something changes?

With Goava, you can not only get a lot of information about companies, but you can of course follow them. New CEO? Expansion? Goava serves your b2b Sales Representatives with the right “reason to talk” to  your customers when needed.

I want to find companies that use Zendesk, is it possible?

Yes, with Goava you can search for companies that use Zendesk & other case management systems such as Intercom and Liveagent.

What data do Goava collect?



Text from websites

We scan through companies' websites for text, so that you can be more accurate in your exploration. For example, by searching in different languages, you can find out which markets the company addresses.



We compile all the news in one flow so that you do not have to leave the platform and can halve the time you spend on research. In addition to the above, the news can also be used as pure Reason-To-Call.


Social media

Not all companies communicate their successes or activities via news, but many do so on social media. Add additional value to your sales process by having access to what companies do on social media.


Web technologies

With Web Technologies, we mean everything from what live chat they have on the website, what Marketing Automation system they use, CMS systems, payment solutions and much more.


Contact information

Instead of searching through websites manually, you can get contact information such as email addresses and exchange numbers presented directly in the interface.


Financial data

We collect all financial data linked to the companies. How many employees are there in the company, how much do they turn over and are they profitable are just some of the key figures that are in the platform.

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