Fieldly streamlined its sales process with the help of Goava: Saved time, increased motivation, and better results.

12 March 2024
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About Fieldly


Fieldly is a digital project tool specially developed for the construction industry. Since 2014, they have helped over 80,000 users work smarter and more efficiently by reducing administration and gaining better control over projects. Adam Nero joined as the new sales manager at Fieldly just over a year ago and quickly saw the benefits of integrating Goava even deeper into their way of working.

Like many other B2B companies, Fieldly faced a challenge with their CRM being full of companies, but it was difficult to prioritize among them, and the majority of the data was outdated. Sales reps could make several contact attempts on companies that had already gone bankrupt, or they had incorrect information about the company when they finally made contact. This led to a feeling of contacting the same old companies over and over again, and they needed to spend a lot of time manually searching for companies to ensure the information was correct. This was both inefficient and energy-consuming, leading to frustration and lower motivation in the team.

“Goava has really been a key to keeping our CRM up to date. Today we use Goava to identify new relevant segments, and we know that the information is updated for all companies in Hubspot.
Adam Nero, Head of Sales at Fieldly
Adam Neero Fieldly



By integrating Goava with Hubspot, Fieldly found a solution to its challenges. In Goava, they receive suggestions on which companies to prioritize based on which companies they historically sold to. This has provided sales reps with a clear and efficient process for how to prospect. With the help of Goava, they also ensure that their CRM is always updated, and through automated workflows in Hubspot, they ensure that important information always reaches the right person.
The result of integrating Goava deeper into their way of working has been significant for Fieldly. Previously, sales reps spent a lot of time manually searching for and verifying company information. Thanks to automatic input and updating of data in Hubspot, they have been able to significantly reduce administrative work. This has freed up time that can now be spent on making more qualified contact attempts, leading to increased motivation in the sales team. With a more efficient and structured prospecting process where Goava helps them prioritize the right companies, Fieldy has increased its hit rate, which in turn has led to increased sales. Fieldly's journey with Goava has not only benefited the sales team but the entire organization. Thanks to Goava's data, they have gained a deeper understanding of their target audience and have been able to define their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) even more clearly. They have also gained better insight into their existing customers, which facilitates their Customer Success Team. Thanks to Goava, they can make sharper forecasts when it comes to retention and identify new opportunities to grow with their existing customers.

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I have realized how productive you can be with an updated CRM, and Goava's data really contributes to us making better decisions. It benefits not only the sales team but the entire organization”. 

Adam Nero, Head of Sales at Fieldly

In summary, Fieldly has succeeded in streamlining its sales process, increasing its sales, and creating a more motivated and successful sales organization by integrating Goava with Hubspot.


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