With Goava Senzum accomplishes twice as much in a week

18 May 2022
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With Goava, Senzum has found a more efficient way of working throughout the entire customer journey. Goava helps them prioritize the right companies, break through the noise, and build stronger relationships with existing customers.

Therese FranzenA family-owned company passionate about customer service
Senzum is passionate about helping people and are experts in customer service, with over 25 years of experience in outsourced customer service and technology solutions.

Senzum was founded in 1994 in Linköping, initially named Telesupport, to assist Ericsson (later becoming Sony Mobile) with technical support. In 2018, Senzum changed its majority shareholder and is now 80% owned by the Private Equity fund Hortus, with the remaining shares held by certain employees in the organization. This has made them stronger, increased their focus, and enhanced mobility within the organization.

-We're really passionate about customer service! We are a familial and personal company with a focus on the customer. An advantage of being a smaller organization is that we can be agile and tailor our contracts, says Therese Franzén, CEO of Senzum.

Difficulty in making time stretch and breaking through the noise
A challenge Senzum faced was spending a lot of time finding new customers and contacting them. They found it difficult to break through the noise when they finally made contact with their prospects.

- Before we started using Goava, we did everything manually. From searching for companies to contact, to making contact, and then entering everything into our CRM, which took up a lot of our time. We also tried using mass mailings to save time, but we felt that we did not achieve the result and the quality we wanted, says Therese Franzén, CEO of Senzum.

With a new way of working, they accomplish twice as much in a week
Today, Senzum has changed its way of working and operates more time-efficiently as they, with the help of Goava, have all the information gathered in one place.

- Now, thanks to Goava, we can accomplish twice as much in a week because we have a more efficient way of working throughout the entire customer journey. From finding the right companies to process, to breaking through the noise, to building the relationship with existing customers, says Therese Franzén, CEO of Senzum.
Therese emphasizes the importance of being relevant when they contact their prospects, as they work with relationship-building sales with long sales cycles. They also send fewer emails today, but more personal and relevant ones, resulting in a better and higher hit rate.

- I'm a big fan of the company news and recruitment ads that you get all in one place in Goava. Besides helping us get better entries and be more relevant in our dialogues with our existing customers and prospects, the information in, for example, recruitment ads gives us a better understanding of the entire industry and what their needs are right now, says Therese Franzén, CEO of Senzum.

Quick and easy to get started
- From the start, we felt that we were a good match with Goava. Since we have somewhat similar core values and really care about our customers. Since the start, it has been easy to get started with the platform, thanks to a thorough onboarding. Everyone we have been in contact with at Goava has been very easy to deal with and professional. We are very satisfied with Goava, concludes Therese Franzén, CEO of Senzum.

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