Efficiency in focus: This is how K3 Travel reduces workload and increases sales success with Goava

12 March 2024
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About K3 Travel


K3 Travel is one of Scandinavia's leading companies for smart business travel. With its two services, Business Travel Agency and Hotel Express, they offer tailor-made solutions to facilitate and improve corporate travel. K3 Travel strives to take business travel to a new level of efficiency and convenience for its customers.


Like many other B2B companies, K3 Travel struggled to find a smooth and efficient method for identifying the right companies to contact and keeping track of changes in their customers continuously. The process of finding the right companies was very slow.

"It basically took a whole morning to find companies to contact during the week, and the outcome wasn't great either," says Douglas Bjerleus, Sales Manager at K3 Travel.

Another challenge was to continuously keep track of changes in their customers, such as changing CEOs, mergers, or acquisitions, all of which are good signals to know when it's time to make contact. Unfortunately, they previously received these signals too late, which often resulted in losing both business and customers. With a desire to improve their prospecting process and gain more insights, they turned to Goava to optimize their sales strategy.

Part of the solution has been to optimize K3 Travel's prospecting strategy. Their salespeople have successfully used Goava to identify potential customers within their segment. Another part of the solution has been to help the salespeople who work more dedicatedly towards larger companies. It is especially important to keep track of what is happening in the company to quickly act on valuable information, which is incredibly valuable for K3 Travel. It facilitates and streamlines the work of salespeople by not having to visit each company's website or search for different events themselves

“We notice that we get good and positive responses when we are proactive. Sometimes, we even know when some changes have occurred before the company knows it themselves”. 
Douglas Bjerleus, Head of Sales ayt K3 Travel
Douglas Bjerleus K3 travel


The use of Goava has provided measurable results for K3 Travel. The time savings were clear, and they noticed an increased influx of customers in the mid-market. By targeting the right companies and avoiding unnecessary meetings, they have experienced an increase in business opportunities and sales. The work that previously required two salespeople now only requires one. Such a big difference makes them now target the right prospects and not take unnecessary meetings. Goava's free text search and the ability to pinpoint companies with keywords have been invaluable for smoothly finding the right prospects.

Douglas at K3 Travel also gives high marks to Goava's support and personal commitment, which has been crucial in getting their sales team to use the system effectively. He recommends that companies carefully consider how a service can support the Sales Manager or CEO when evaluating new systems. K3 Travel notes that signing a contract is easy, but the real value lies in how the company supports the transition and use of the new solution.

"In a time of many cost savings, I have strongly held onto wanting to keep Goava. If we were to remove Goava, we would instead need to hire more salespeople, and it probably wouldn't be as good either”. 

Douglas Bjerleus, Head of Sales at K3 Travel


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